PALE MOON GANG reflects the raw aggressiveness and tender underbelly of New York, the city they call home. With riffs that grab you and won't let go, the GANG creates a smoldering energy that rides on a wave of pure rock'n'roll.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Richard Dev Greene was born and raised in New York City. His playground, downtown's Lower East Side, afforded him an experience few aspiring rockers ever get - exposure to NYC's raw, rebellious, punk rock scene. From that point on, Greene knew he had but one calling in life. This destiny led his first band, Pale Face Of Youth, to the doorstep of fame. After being spotted at CBGB, Pale Face was offered an opening spot for The CLASH, a band whose audiences routinely crucified opening acts. Yet, this was not the case with Pale Face, who went over so well they were offered two more shows on what turned out to be The Clash's farewell tour. This honor lead to opening slots for other legends like PIL, The Cramps, Billy Idol and The Ramones.

Around this time, a fourteen year old Luke Miller happened to cross paths with Greene at the now legendary Saint Marks Bar. After an initial confrontation, fueled by drink and teen-aged macho posturing, the two bonded in their mutual mania for rock'n'roll. They danced and thrashed to songs by the Sex Pistols, Iggy, and the Clash and as each song entered their bloodstream like the same drug, they knew a lifelong friendship was brewing. A few weeks later Miller went to see Pale Face perform and was blown away. In his journal he recalls, "Greene glided across the stage like James Brown and attacked his guitar with the ferociousness of Joe Strummer". He felt the only thing missing was himself onstage with Greene. At the time, the only instrument Miller could play was the radio, but this was soon to change.

Greene spent weeks teaching Miller bass guitar and soon their musical lives together had begun. Their personal connection produced great music and an intense onstage chemistry...but intense chemistry often has unintended consequences. A fanatical devotion to punk ideology combined with a few arrests, too much junkie business and more than a dash of cold gin, led their then manager to declare these boys "unmanageable". Indeed they were, and with their mission sidetracked, they went their separate ways.

Time heals all wounds. Miller came to Greene in 2004 with a proposition: reform the band in attitude and energy, but with a new sound. Thus, PALE MOON GANG was born. The startling compliment to their sound comes from Brian Wolfe, an amazingly skilled drummer and true southern gentleman, who transforms onstage into the brilliant, manic "Wolfman". They performed their debut show at the place it all started, CBGB, and their mission began anew.

When watching Greene and Miller perform, you feel as if you're seeing their story unfold. Their wildly fluid and untamed onstage rapport captivates audiences and makes them true believers, just as Greene did for Miller that first time.

PALE MOON GANG is recording a new album at Brooklyn's Excello Studios. Their current sound evolves from heavy bass hooks, driving beats, and sinewy guitar passion, coupled with lyrics that dive in deep. It's a sound that burrows inside you and makes itself home. That's alright, this is tribal music medicine that makes it all better.