The subject and sound of this song evoke the New York City of yesteryear - fun, thrilling, and dangerous!
Written by Richard Dev Greene & Luke Miller

Remember the way we used to live back when life was frightenin'
Gave it all we had to give cause it was all or nuthin'
Focused all our energies on a tragic alchemy
Found and lost it but to me it always felt like destiny

What was that song we used to sing out on our road to ruin
Yeah we thought we knew the way we didn't need no schoolin'

High on lightnin'
Hanging on the roof all night
Smoking cigarettes and fightin'
Drinking warm beer and cryin'

Remember that girl we used to know she was a punk rock swinger
She'd come to the after hour shows there was something mean about her
I loved the way she used to dance like a strung out monkey
I can't for the life of me remember her name - she sure was stunning

High on lightnin'
Jumpin' in her car and flyin'
straight across town to her place
Just in time to beat the sun

High on lightnin'
Livin' for the thrill of lightnin'
Nothin' like a taste of Lightnin'
Back when life was dangerous
released July 27, 2017
Richard Dev Greene - vocal, guitar
Luke Miller - bass
Brian Wolfe - drums
Craig Dreyer - sax